Association for Asian Sports & Culture ,Hong Ying Wuguan, 洪英雄武术学校


Individual Membership of Hong Ying International Association is open to anyone and it does not matter which country/school you train in.

Distance students may receive Video Links for studying new forms and techniques at home. (Please see VIDEO LIBRARY link in the menu.)


All membership fees can be paid by bank transfer to ING Bank Account number:

IBANNL 82 INGB 07524244 40

Please include the name of the HONG YING SCHOOL which you are joining. Mention your name (student) and what level of Membership you require. You can also make payments via PAYPAL to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inschrijfgeld NIEUWE LEDEN bedrag eenmalig/one time registration fee of 30,- euros


Lange Termijn vooruitbetalingen/Long term advance payments (Goud Lidmaatschap):

  • 3 maanden/months                   €168,-

  • 6 maanden/months                   €299,-

  • 12 maanden/months                 €577,50,-


Jeugd/Children KUNG FU (ages between 4 and 15 years):

  • Bronze (1 class per week)        €23,60  per maand/a month

  • Silver (3 classes per week)       €28,35  per maand/a month

  • Gold (Unlimited)                        €39,35  per maand/a month

Adults (16+)- TAI CHI CHUAN,  KUNG FU , FFF , en/of SAN-DA:

  • Bronze (1 class per week)         €31,50 per maand/ a month

  • Silver (3 classes per week)        €39,35 per maand/ a month

  • Gold (6 classes per week)          €57,75 per maand/ a month


"Early Bird" lessons TAI CHI CHUAN:

  • 1 class per week                         €28,85 per maand/ a month

  • meer als een keer per week       €36,75 per maand/a month

Video Library:

  • One time payment €75,-


  • are available by appointment €35,- per hour



If you are absent for 2 months or your Fees remain unpaid for 2 months ,without clarification, then your membership will automatically expire and you will have to re-register as a new member.

All fees should be paid before the 5th day of each new month.

If your contribution is not paid on time, you are unfortunately not allowed to enjoy the activities until your contribution is fully up to date...

Thank you for choosing to train with us and we look forward to seeing you progress through the system!


Hong Ying Instructors & Staff

Plom Blossom - International Federation